What to Expect

“We don’t quit until you do.”

Unlike the stress and rigor of the courtroom, mediation is an informal and frank discussion to help identify the realities of a dispute and attempt to avoid the uncertain outcomes of a lengthy court case. While a small percentage of mediations may take a full day or more to resolve, the majority of cases are resolved in a half days time.

A typical mediation process may consist of:

  • Introductions
  • Outline the mediation process, the ground rules and the Mediator’s role.
  • The Mediator hears statements from each party about the conflict and may ask questions to clarify the issues to provide each party with greater understanding.
  • Going back and forth between the parties, the Mediator helps clear up misunderstandings, carries information, proposals, and points of agreement.
  • The Mediator works to find points of agreement between the parties.
  • The Mediator may pose a final agreement for the parties and urge them to accept.